How to repair your own speedo se

How to make a replacement magnet for your speedo sender!


It seems to be quite common for these magnets to break up and it seems that it is a relatively straightforward task to build a replacement.


The following details are courtesy of Сергей Трофимов who emailed me the pictures along with advice on the parts needed. Many thanks Sergey!


You will need two standard M10 washers, which have 30mm outer and 10 mm internal diameter and few suitably sized magnets such as these.


Thickness is not very important and you can use epoxy or any glue for metal. Glue all the parts together and you have a replacement for the OEM magnet!


Sergey has been using this replacement magnet for about year without any problem. The following pics are of the magnet off and on Sergey's TTR250.




Here is another version made by a friend of Sergey where the parts have been welded together but Sergey thinks that is not necessary.




Brian Sussex

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