Fitting a new oil plug

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Fitting a replacement oil plug in the cylinder head

It is surprising how often these little blighters leak and start to make a mess of your engine.

Their function is to blank off the hole that would otherwise be occupied by a de-compressor mechanism. The picture below shows a decompressor fitted and I have arrowed where the cable would have attached.

Tools needed:- plain screwdriver and a large pair of pliers

Parts/supplies: New plug - p/n 90338-18067 - which looks like this:

(An alternative to the rubber plug is now available - see here.)

The symptoms of a leaking plug are obvious - a real mess and the smell of burning oil when the engine gets hot:


Use the screwdriver to prise out the leaking seal and clean around the hole:

Old and new plugs:

Squeeze the new plug in evenly. It doesn't require a great deal of force so I used a large pair of pliers with an old cloth over the jaw to protect the plug. There is a handy blanking bolt to use in this process:

Hopefully I will have a clean engine again now! New plug fitted:


Job done!

PS An alternative to the rubber plug is now available - see here.

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